I'm no expert on these creatures. I am simply reporting my findings which I believe to be truths. I think they are real and influence our entire species dramatically. 

When my mom was 6 months pregnant wiht me, she heard an intense voice in her head which was clearly heard, as she was crying from my father's abuse. The voice sai "Babykinz "the name my mom calls me sometimes) will be a Spiritual Leader, and his name will be *blank*" 

She saw a "psychic" who found an alien chip inside of her head. It was no physical chip, it was impllanted inside her brain. The psychic told the chip somthing and my mom felt a sharp sting of pain in her brain and then felt a weight had been lifted off of her, getting rid of the chip. A day later, she went back to the psychic, who nobody in the building had any memory of.

Not much longer after that, she had heard another voice in her head telling her that she herself was an Arcturian.

Perhaps the Acturians are the voices, and they sent somebody to get rid of the chip which they had given to her when they needed to understand her, and no longer needed it there so they got rid of it.But what you believe is your choice.

The Arcturians a a very peaceful, kindly race. They are some of the most evolved Aliens ever presumed to be in existance. They care about our planet and our species, and protect us from ourselves and others. Do you honestly think that all the polution and destructuin we are doing to our planet would keep our planet sustainable for more than 20 years? I don't think so. I believe that the Arcturians are cleaning our atmosphere in tremendous amounts.


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