Pleidadeans or Nodic aliens are an alleged race of extraterrestials from a star system called Pleiades

This star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in the Constellation of Taurus the Bull. We call it the Seven Sisters.

they come in many different skin colours and are said to be the most numerous extraterrestial humans.The plediadeans like

us have a common ancester the lyrans or the first humans who were destroyed in the lyran wars with the reptilians.


Plediadeans are a race of humans originaly form Lyra but because of the many civil wars, and eventually the war with the reptilians thousands

of lyrans grew sick of war and wanted to live their lives in peace so for many years they traveled in their spacecraft looking for somewhere

quiet and peaceful to live and thrive.They eventualy found the Plediaes star sytem and settled on a planet called Erra which is located near

the plediades star Taygeta it was here they started the new conoly of erra in the year 228,000 B.C. The plediadeans after many years settling

their new home they began exploring near by systems, the plediadeans found the sol system and discovered 3 groups of uncivilised peole

there an orignal native race native to africa with brown skin and and to non native races know known as causcasians and asians.the causcasians where actually descendants of

lyrans who landed there and for unknown reasons where forced to stay on earth it is unknown where the other human race the asians came from.The plediadeans reported that the

light skinned lyrans were in a brutal cylce with the other races constanly mistreating the native humans.Because of this mistreatment the uncivilised lyrans caused the plediadeans decided

to help the humans on earth and help civilise them and help them create societys.So with the Galactic federations permision the plediadeans sent many of their kind to live on earth

but only in cetain places.As the thousands of years came and went any civilisations started and fell the plediadians stayed on eart from the year 196,000 B.C. and 10 A.D

eventually the plediadeans decided the native lyrans and humans should evolve on their own and because the reptilains had been beaten in the brutal war which destroyed lyra.

The last Plediadean to leave earth was one of the earth leaders called Plejas but before leaving for good they left a spritiual leader called Jmmanuel known to us as Jesus

Jmmanuel . Jmmanuel was a very evolved soul, whose father was Gabriel of the Pleiades system and Mary who was of Lyran descent he acraficed himself to teach the humans of earth to live in peace and to teach them to think about their fellow man,sadly any humans misinterpeted his message and started great crusades in the the thousand years following his death in the name of a god who dosent exist. many of the plediadeans efforts to help earth

would be in vain with the reptilians manipulating humans to do their bidding like forcing the aztecs to gather slaves for them tp use for labour and food.


The plediadean home planet erra is 10% smaller than earth the population is abut 400,000 thousand, which the plediadeans feel is an appropiate number of beings to maintain peace The people of Erra are telepathic and therefore have no need for telephones. There means of travel around the planet is done by a tube system The Pleiadians are primarily vegeterians, but on occasion eat some meat. They have no medical problems for they control their health by using their own mental powers. The average age of a Pleiadian is 700 years. Their skin is whiter and smoother than ours. The Pleiadians do not have blood, their memory matrix is in light.The Pleiadians have no currency as we know it; they share the resources of their planet with all the people. All material goods are given to the people freely, based on their contribution to their society.Plediadean children are taught for the first ten years of heir life to understand the existense of their

life and then spend the next sixty to seventy years studying various occupations. Plediadeans do not believe in god or gods but believe you must make the most of your existense much like buddists which may have originated from plediadean beliefs

you must contribute to your society and you must not kill others or steal only if nescerry,they believe our current religions e.g christiany and islam are brainwashing us with religious nonsense to keep control over us also the plediadeans are aware of the united states dealings with other alien races such as the greys (zeta-Reticulans) and they know that the reptialians have infiltrators disguised as humans in control of various political positions all of the world,while the pledideans would like to help us they can't as it would risk Erra's saftey and it would mean they would have to go to war which is why they settled on erra those so amny thousands of years ago to escape it.The only known way the plediadeans can help us is by teaching us spritualy to bring peace to the world.

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